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Nihilities by Lowe H Seger

Is nothing and everything, nowhere and everywhere, it’s timeless, it evokes death and celebrates life.

Nihilities by Lowe H Seger has the mood of a photographic diary, however, in a verbal sum up Surrealistic Realism will justify the experience of this ongoing journey.

This is a newborn project which has the urge to grow with passion, a project containing images I have photographed on a daily basis for more than twentyfive years and counting.

I call these analog moments and they have all been captured using small and medium format cameras.

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Buy Analog photographic prints

You can join me here on my journey with weekly updates of old or new, ugly and beautiful moments.

I'm sharing these with you out of true passion but if you feel attracted, related to any of them or maybe if you just want to support me, then you can purchase prints from my special limited collections here.

Daily updates on social media, you can also request back stories through Instagram

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Latest Prints

This is a selection of my latest available prints,  all these moments are existing individually, also ensemble, regardless of any notion of time or chronology.  Always carrying my camera with a continuous process of naturally capturing new moments, which gets developed in a traditional wet process.

Secure Shipping

Artwork is professionally and securely packed following strict guidelines.

Due to the analog process prints normally ship within 12 days of accepting your order. As soon your order is accepted you will be informed every step on the way to keep you in the loop of the process with your personal Nihilities print. When the artwork is shipped, you will be notified via email including all order information and tracking number.

Any damaged goods need to be reported to Nihilities within 24 hours, including explanatory photographs of damaged artwork. Nihilities will refund or replace the artwork.

The damaged goods need to be sent back to Nihilities in London, UK.

The Relic

After a very dedicated period of film scanning and a newly released website, I am truly excited to see how everything is coming together. Next in line for Nihilities is to work towards a book project, I believe that the most beautiful way to tell you the story behind some of these moments would be by bringing them back to life with a carefully laid out book, the Relic of this journey.